Winter travel packing list: 3 things you need to have in your suitcase

For many of us, wintertime is the perfect moment for traveling. While most tourists prefer visiting crowded European cities known for their Christmas markets, the experienced travelers know that there is no better time to go on a journey than January and February. When packing, it is important to be pragmatic and only pack what you really need, especially if you’re only traveling with a backpack or carry-on luggage. If you’re not sure about what you will surely need during your trip, here are three things that I never miss from my suitcase when I’m flying overseas.

Under layer garments

No matter how many days your trip will last and how many clothes you plan on bringing, a pair of high-quality, lightweight under layer garments should definitely find their way into your luggage. These undergarments will be of great help whether you go, especially if it is a region with harsh winter conditions. Brands like Under Armour and Nike make excellent pieces that will help insulate your body’s temperature and keep you warm no matter how bad the weather gets. The only thing to keep in mind is that your under layer garments shouldn’t be made of cotton, as it absorbs and locks in all the moisture and will make you feel wet and uncomfortable for the whole time that you wear it.

A warm hat

I am someone who used to absolutely hate hats: they always caused my hair to frizz, I used to lose them all the time, and I simply couldn’t find the right one that would fit my face shape. As a result, I was sick most of the time and trust me when I say that there’s no worse time to get ill than during a trip. A beanie can make a great versatile hat that you can wear most of the time and with any outfits, but there are other headpieces that can make you look better without losing the comfort. An Irish flat cap is a perfect example of a warm but elegant hat that will protect you from the cold wherever you are. Get yourself a classic Irish flat cap online made of wool or wool blends and you won’t have to worry about a thing during your journey.

Comfortable shoes

Regardless of what activities you plan on having at your final destination, be it going hiking or simply wandering around the new city, you should bring your most comfortable pair of shoes.

They have to be lightweight so that they won’t hinder your movements, but warm enough to protect you against any weather. Just like with the hat, when choosing the perfect pair of shoes you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for looks and can find plenty of wonderful combat boots or warm leather sneakers that will keep your feet from freezing while also making you look elegant and put together. If you’re going to a really snowy and cold country, look for the shoes with fur, real or faux, as it will provide additional comfort and warmth.

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