How to get rid of bad omen Minecraft

The Bad Omen effect is a fairly new addition to Minecraft, and it puts a bit more pressure on players who just want to get on with their day to day. Any challenge can be overcome, including your Bad Omen. We share how to get rid of bad omen Minecraft.

Let’s go over how you can get this annoying new state, what exactly it does, and how you can get rid of your Bad Omen. You’re not cursed forever …

How you can get a bad omen effect

I’m not saying you want a bad omen over your head, but knowledge is power. You have a bad omen for killing a looting captain. Most of the time they are found in Illager groups, which are usually looters. You can know in a group who is the captain of the raid because he will have a sinister banner on his back, it is very obvious.

How to get rid of bad omen Minecraft

What does Evil Omen do?

The bad omen lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes); You will appear in a raid if you enter a village under its effect.

It can also accumulate. If you kill multiple raid captains, you can increase the power of your bad omen. The greater the power of your evil Presagui, the worse the appearance of the horde will be.

How to get rid of bad omen

They say calcium strengthens bones, but in Minecraft, it keeps invaders at bay.

In fact, you can drink milk to remove the bad omen, making cows that much more useful from now on. All you need is a bucket and a cow or a mushroom to get some milk.

You can actually use milk cubes to remove any status effects, which is something to watch out for, especially now that bad omen plagues adventurous players.

Getting a bad omen is inconvenient, but it could be much worse.

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