How to get rid of discord overlay? Let’s see how to turn off the screen overlay

Have you encountered a problem called ‘ screen overlay detected ‘ while using your Android device? You need not be frustrated as there are many other people who are experiencing the same problem. Also, overlay of discord does not work the problem is fixable regardless of how it is triggered. However, this article will explain how to get rid of discord overlay on your Android device.

The reason for getting such a message on your Android device could be a floating application. According to research we have done, a “ detected screen overlay ” occurs, especially when you run a floating app. Generally, this problem mainly occurs on Motorola and Samsung devices.

In general, apps tend to ask for permission to use certain aspects of your device. For example, these applications ask for permission to use a camera, storage, location, microphone, etc. Theoretically, an application may interfere with the display overlay of a device with this authorization request. In order to interact with the respective dialog, you need to disable the functionality, which causes the problem.

How to get rid of discord overlay

From this point on, let’s see how to get rid of the discord overlay issue

Fix # 01: Check if the in-game overlay is enabled

Here’s how to fix the “ Overlapping discord doesn’t work ” problem. In fact, before trying any of the other fixes mentioned in this article, it is best to try this method. This means that we need to check if the in-game overlay is enabled as the first fix. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Click on the gear button to access the ‘ Settings.
  • Towards the left side of the screen, you can find the option called ‘ Overlay. ‘Also don’t forget to activate the toggle, located next to ” Activate the overlay in the game.
  • Now in the left game panel, you need to click on ‘ Games. ‘Be sure to activate the in-game overlay feature for the current game. If it’s already off, click the monitor button next to the game and turn it on.
  • If you don’t see the game on the list, you need to launch the game and click ” Add it .” This will add the game to Discord.
  • Now you can run the game as usual and see if the method worked. However, if the discord overlay doesn’t work, keep reading.

Fix # 02: How to turn off screen overlay with a step-by-step guide

Here is another method to fix the “screen overlay detected” problem. In fact, it is a step by step method which can solve this problem. So follow the steps mentioned below.

First, you need to identify which apps are allowed to draw on the screen on top of the others.

If you are using a smartphone other than Samsung, here is the list of steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Then enter the search term called ” draw.
  • You can now press ” Draw on other applications.
  • Otherwise, you can choose the route ‘ Applications> Draw on the applications.

If you are using a Samsung phone, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the ‘ Settings ‘ app.
  • Choose ‘ Applications ‘ and select ‘ Applications Manager ‘.
  • Press ‘ More ‘ and go-to applications that may appear at the top

Check the authorization of the application

As mentioned earlier, applications require different types of permissions to function properly. If permissions were not granted, the floating buttons would not appear on other screen overlays. Well, at this point, you need to identify the problematic application and temporarily refuse it. Thus, these applications will not be able to draw temporarily on the screen. Mentioned below are some of the points on how to distinguish the application that is causing the problems.

  • If you see an application bubble on the screen, it could be a problematic application. You must either hide the respective application bubble or deactivate it to resolve the problem.
  • Do you have an application that could cause color or brightness changes on the screen? If this is the case, it could be the case behind the screen overlay problem. For example, you can think of Clean Master as an application that can create problems. So, if you see such an app (Clean Master in particular), disable it.
  • If you can’t find a particular case, you need to disable each app and see if it works.

Relaunch the application

Now that the above adjustments are done, it’s time to relaunch the app and see what happens. In this case, try to launch the application again. If everything is perfect, you will see that the application requests an authorization without encountering the problem mentioned above.

As for Samsung users, some users say they encountered the problem due to a one-handed keyboard. So to fix the problem, all you have to do is to turn off the aforementioned function. To do this, you must go to ‘ Settings ‘ and choose the option called’ Advanced features. ‘After that, choose the option called ” One hand.

Reactivate screen overlays

Now that you’ve resolved the issue with ” discord overlay doesn’t work,” it’s time to turn screen overlays back on. Otherwise, the applications you disabled in the previous process will not restart. If you have disabled all applications, it would be better to carefully disable the applications. In this case, you may consider activating the applications that you actually want to use.

Go into safe mode

If you see that the above steps are not giving you the expected results, also try this additional fix. However, this method requires you to start your device in “safe mode” and manage the app permissions accordingly.

However, before performing this problem, you need to remember the troublesome application and resolve the problem. For example, if you notice that the problem is related to WhatsApp, remember or write it down.

  • First press the power button on the device. Now, at the pop-up prompt, you need to press the power button and hold down the Turn off option.
  • After holding the option for a few seconds, you will see another prompt come out. This option will ask you if you should enable ” safe mode.
  • Select ‘ OK,’ and now the device will restart ‘ safe mode.
  • Now when the device is started you need to go to the option called ‘ Settings. ‘Then select the option called’ Apps.
  • In this section, you need to scroll down and find the application that caused you the screen problem. Choose the application and select ” Permission.
  • On the page dedicated to ‘ Permission, “you must activate all the permissions previously requested by the application. And, once all these things have been done, you must restart the device.

As you can see, this is a fairly complex process for solving the problem using the methods mentioned above. However, there is no better solution to these problems to resolve these problems to date. We know how confusing and annoying it is to experience the detected screen overlay experience. So even if the process mentioned above is complex, you should try them.

We also noticed that this problem with new versions of Android is not as troublesome as with old versions.

There are application-based solutions to fix the “ screen overlay detected ” issue

As with any other aspect, several applications can resolve this problem permanently. However, needless to say, such a solution requires that you download an additional application to the device. Some of these applications may even display on-screen advertisements, which can be annoying. So we suggest that you try the manual methods before moving on to the next option. If the manual options (which we mentioned earlier) don’t work, you can opt for these methods. After all, it is absolutely worth trying one of these methods and getting rid of this annoying screen problem.

Button unlocker

Button Unlocker is one of the most used applications to fix the screen overlay problem. This application is capable of unlocking the installation button which is behind the overlay error.

After activating this application on your device, you will see that you will be asked for a message. According to this message, he is asking for permission to draw on other applications. The granting of such authorization is mandatory in order to circumvent the problems caused by these annoying applications.

Suppose you have activated the button unlocker, you can try the activities that were previously hampered by the overlay. All of these applications are working fine now after trying the fixes; you are good. You will no longer experience any problems with this. Even if the errors occur, the application will take care of them.

Alert window checker

Another useful application that can identify applications that cause a screen overlay error is Alert Window Checker.

After installing and activating the alert window checker, it will display a set of application options (menu). In addition, it will indicate whether or not they are using overlay permission. If they do, you will be able to choose the respective annoying apps and get rid of them.

This is exactly how to turn off the screen overlay or resolve the ‘ screen overlay detected ‘ problem. You can follow the steps above and contact us if you have any further questions about them. Also, if you know better and more practical solutions to this error, please comment on them below, and other readers who experience the same issue will be happy to hear your opinion.

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