For your eyes only, Bonds, that is

As the years rolled by, the Bond franchise was still going strong(ish) under the steerage of Roger Moore. However, as the 1980s started, it seemed that the themes and issues of the series were not going to change in any significant way. For your eyes only, a reference to the document given to Bond for only him to see is a much gritter affair than the science fiction-based Moonraker before it. Bond would need the services of Confidential Shredding, such as, after he’d read what M had handed him.  Cashing in on Star Wars and the Star Trek film, the franchise had gone to space with Shuttles and lasers, but now it came down to earth with a bump.

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With relations with Russia deteriorating following the elections of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, thwarting the Red Menace became the order of the films again.

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In this adventure, Bond has a very important mission. A UK surveillance ship has accidentally sunk itself after hitting an old World War two mine. It contains a device that tracks and orders all of the UK’s nuclear submarines around the world. Naturally, the Soviets would love to get their hands on this, and Bond must stop them. So rather than just going to the place where the boat sank, he has a bit of a tour around the Mediterranean and gets to meet several women.

He recovers the device only for the Russians to almost steal it at the end, Bond promptly chucks it off a cliff.

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