Colour choices for a living room space

Given the amount of time that we spend in them, our living rooms need to be the best possible place for us to dwell in. This means getting the decor and the decoration correct for your taste and that you feel completely comfortable in it. It’s very likely that your television and media centre is here and that this is where the family gather and discuss the events of the day or plan future ones. The interior needs to take into account what colour you’d like. This includes the soft furnishings to match the walls. It’s why a company like The Boys who Sew, a Curtain Makers London based organisation, are able to make a bespoke set for you.

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Colours convey several feelings and sensations. Blue, for example, can be seen as a cool and cold colour so if you’re looking to create a warm room it might be the colour to choose. However if you have a naturally warm room, which becomes unpleasant in a heatwave for example, then a cooling blue can help to subconsciously make the mind feel cooler.

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Conversely, a red or orange is a warm and bright colour. It can help to heat a room or make the most of when the sun’s rays stream into the room in the morning or the evening.

Mood inducing colours are also an idea to be considered. Purple and pinks are thought to create a spiritual feel, greens are thought to promote a freshness and natural sense.

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