The Future of Glass

You might think there are no further advances that can be made when it comes to your windows. However, windows of the future could be made from transparent components that conduct electricity! This is a new breakthrough where metal can be added to glass, but it’s see-through!

Windows are certainly being turned into high-tech objects, like most other objects in our lives. In the not-too-distant future the windows in our homes could all be glass that doubles up as smart screens like we find on our phones.

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This sounds like something from a sci-fi film but could well become a reality thanks to recent discoveries made at the University of British Columbia. While we probably won’t see this technology by the time our windows are next due for replacement, perhaps our children will have smart windows in their first homes. For more traditional Double Glazing Bridgwater, go to

The technology involves very small glass pieces being coated with thin layers of metal like silver, so light is still able to travel through. The metals used are natural conductors of electricity so in short, a window could become a piece of smart technology with a display screen.

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Scientists have long known that you could place glass on metal to make the metal more transparent, but this is the first time it’s been possible to see metal being on glass to make the glass more transparent. Such see-through technology has recently been seen in movies such as Iron Man and soon, we could have it ourselves.

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