Looking After Winter Feet

Winter can be taxing on many things, like our hair and skin but spare a thought for your feet as well. When they are tucked away constantly in thick socks and boots, it’s easy to forget about them but come the sunshine, you’ll want them looking fab and not winter-drab! Here are some top foot care tips for the colder months:

  • Foot Soaking

Skin on the soles of your feet gets tough from all the use of supporting us on a daily basis so it’s important to give them a little TLC. A good soak in warm water is perfect before ridding your feet of dry, dead skin. If your skin feels very dry or your soles are cracked, add a few drops of essential oil to soften them up nicely. A Podiatrist Evesham can also help with any issues.

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  • Exfoliation

Just like your face, feet benefit from gentle exfoliation too. There are loads of foot scrubs available with all manner of lovely scents and ingredients which you can add to your foot soak for extra smooth skin. Indulge yourself in a foot massage with a mix of peppermint oil, sea salt and lavender or mix up oats and brown sugar for a deep exfoliation. Your feet will thank you for it! For any foot problems, consider a Podiatrist Evesham like Pro Podiatry.

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  • Moisturise

After all this care and attention, it’s important to remember to moisturise. After soaking, bathing or showering, a lotion or cream is vital to keep moisture locked in and prevent drying out. The best time to apply foot cream is after a shower and pumice stone rub, just before going to bed. This gives a good few hours for the moisturiser to really get to work.

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