Evolution of the British Pub

Easily one of the most long standing bastions of our culture and society has to be the Great British Pub.To begin with, the humble pub was just a place for a weary traveller to rest their head, get a drink and some food before pressing on with their journey. Much of this is still true today with the pub still in demand. It’s why Finance for Pubs is still a sought after service.

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In the beginning the first pubs, or type of pub, dates from the occupation of the Roman Empire. We have found some evidence for these from archaeological finds in places like Caerwent and to the side of roads like Ermine and Watling Street. However, it isn’t until the mediaeval period that pubs start to become a focal point for the locals.  The beer from these pubs was taken from monks who worked to sell their wares in the pub.

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Following the dissolution of the monasteries, beer and spirits were even more readily available.  Pubs were now places to meet, drink and even enjoy a little bit of gambling.  Something the monks had taken a dim view of!

Come the 19th and 20th centuries the pub was cemented within our culture.  It was the place you went to see live music played, watch communal football matches and generally enjoy a drink with friends, family and your work mates. Pubs are still changing now. The old decor is being stripped away and different foods, like vegan food, are coming to the fore.

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