The analysis of soil, cropping plans, livestock numbers, manure and fertiliser.

Professional companies such as who specialise in Nutrient Management Planning, help farmers to keep within the strict guidelines that have been in place for over twenty years.  These stringent rules effect about 58% of English Farms and were updated in 2018 when the new “Farming Rules for Water” were introduced making it compulsory to keep accurate and up to date records of soil analysis (that proves there is no more than 250 kg of Nitrogen in a field), manure and fertiliser applications, nutrient management planning and accurate and detailed field risk maps.

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These specialist companies normally visit each farm they are supporting at least three times a year to make sure records are accurate and any information required for inspections is ready. They work together with each individual farm supporting them on three main key points, 1) Matching fertiliser applications against the soil and any crop nutrients that are required. 2) They help the farmers to stop any over usage and therefore stop waste and save money. 3) They make sure all the regulations and legal obligations are met. By completing all these procedures, the Farm can claim all the subsidies and grants that are given out every year.

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When farmers working with these elite companies were questioned about how they practically helped them, most replied by saying that they saved them a great deal of money and made their daily operations much more efficient, while making sure everything was kept within the guidelines.

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