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What Does Land Remediation Mean

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If you are buying land or having your land assessed for its suitability to grow certain crops you may have heard of a Land Remediation Service. These types of services can help assess the quality of your land and can then form a plan to help reinstate the land back to a high quality status.

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It is common for land to become contaminated over time as natural processes and human use of the land can lead to chemicals and other materials entering the land. This can be caused by anything from farming the land for agriculture through to the disturbance of the land for building work. In some cases when building work takes place the land can become contaminated with materials such as asbestos and through groundwater contamination.

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Land remediation aims to return the land back to a natural state that in some cases means treating contaminated soil and water. Land is classed as contaminated when substances that are found in the soil could cause harm to people, animals or the property that is in the area. It may also be that the contaminants can enter the local water courses and then cause further damage to the local environment. Each case of land contamination needs to be assessed on an individual basis and a plan put in place to help rectify any issues that have been found.

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