Ireland is a special place to visit

Nestled against the rough winds and weather of the Atlantic sits a proud island. The first port of call in Europe if you are headed east or the last if you are headed west. This is a nation of rugged cliff faces, green fields and picturesque landscapes. It is fiercely independent and determined. A visit to the place is never without joy or merit. However, it should definitely be recorded, and, nowadays, that is usually on the phone. If you use Vodafone Store Ireland via you are sure to find a new one to record your visit.

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The scenes of Ireland date back to Celtic times. This is a land heavy in its myths and legends. It is a place of storytelling, and those tales are truly great. Irish mythology has been used as the basis for many stories, or they have been retold in modern terms.

From the cosmopolitan young vibe of Dublin to the quiet and quaint villages and countryside, Ireland is a place that offers much to many. Whatever mood you are in, Ireland will have it for you somewhere.

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One of its most stunning features is its incredible west coast. The high cliffs stand up in defiance against the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. They offer stunning viewpoints out to the sea that has proven to be the island’s friend and foe through the years.

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