Wish Valentine’s Day to Friends: The Ultimate Guide

Valentine’s Day is traditionally seen as a romantic holiday for couples. But there’s no rule that says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends! In fact, Valen-friends Day can be just as fun (if not more fun) than a traditional romantic celebration.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day to friends. From planning a Galentine’s Day party to exchanging platonic Valentine’s with your crew, this has everything you need to make February 14th friend-tastic.

Why Wish Valentine’s Day to Friends?

Why Wish Valentine's Day to Friends

You don’t need a significant other to have a great Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the best reasons to hang with your friends on this lovey-dovey holiday:

  • No pressure: When it’s just you and your friends, there’s no stress about impressing a date. You can relax and be your true self.
  • All about friendship: The day is focused on your amazing friendships, not romantic relationships. It’s a chance to show friends how much you care.
  • Fun vibes: Your friends already know how to have a good time with you! The fun comes easy when you’re with your fave crew.
  • Self-love: Hanging with your besties is a great way to celebrate self-love and positive vibes. No need for a partner to feel the love.
  • Traditions your way: You and your friends can create your own fun traditions! Customize the day based on your squad’s interests.
  • Singles unite: If you’re flying solo this V-Day, surround yourself with fellow single buds. Enjoy being independent together.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to revolve around romance. Show your amazing friends the love by planning a fun friend date!

Galentine’s Day: Celebrating Female Friendships

One trendy way to celebrate February 14th with friends is Galentine’s Day. What is Galentine’s Day? It’s like Valentine’s Day to friends but for your best girlfriends.

The concept was popularized by the TV show Parks and Recreation. “Galentine’s Day” is celebrated on February 13th as a ladies’ day filled with fun and female bonding. Even if you have a romantic partner, it’s a chance to show your girl squad extra love.

Planning a Galentine’s Day celebration is easy and fun. Here are some ideas:

Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

  • Host a brunch potluck with your lady crew. Ask everyone to bring a dish.
  • Organize a spa day at home, with DIY facials, mani-pedis, and relaxation.
  • Head to a yoga or dance class together, then go out for smoothies or tea after.
  • Have a Galentine’s movie marathon with chick flicks and snacks.
  • Go out for a fancy Galentine’s dinner at a nice restaurant together.
  • Take a cocktail class and learn to mix fun new drinks.
  • Treat yourselves to massages or a day at the spa.
  • Plan a Galentine’s weekend getaway or sleepover party.

Galentine’s Day Gifts

  • Make homemade cards or gifts for each other. Get crafty!
  • Make customized mugs or shirts with Galentine’s Day quotes and inside jokes.
  • Give thoughtful gifts like candles, cozy socks, jewelry, makeup, baked goods, or gift cards for coffee or experiences.
  • Exchange heartfelt letters about why you appreciate each other’s friendship.

The most important Galentine’s Day gift? Quality bonding time together!

Guy Time: Celebrating Bromance

Guy friends can have just as much fun on February 14th! “Bromance Day” is becoming a tongue-in-cheek equivalent to Galentine’s Day for male buds.

How do guys celebrate Valentine’s Day together? Lean into stereotypical “man” activities with a bromantic twist:

Bromance Day Ideas

  • Host a game night with poker, video games, pool, or sports on TV. Order in wings and pizza.
  • Have a gym and spa bro day. Work out together, then visit a sauna, get massages, and unwind.
  • Head to an arcade bar or bowling alley. Get competitive and enjoy beers together.
  • Go camping or hiking outdoors, then make dinner over a fire or grill.
  • Attend a sporting event or basketball game together. Show team spirit!
  • Visit a brewery or distillery for a tasting and tour. Sample flights together.
  • Cook hearty steaks and share a bottle of whisky or scotch at home.
  • Organize a LAN party for nonstop video games and gaming bonding.

Bromance gifts can include beer growlers, grilling tools, tickets to events, tactical gear, collector’s items, or funny t-shirts. But the real gift? Quality time with your bros.

Planning a Friend Date for Valentine’s Day

Planning a Friend Date for Valentine's Day

If you want to spend Valentine’s Day one-on-one with a close confidante, plan an amazing friend date! Here are ideas for fun, romantic activities for two:

Friendly Valentine’s Date Ideas

  • Go ice skating together, then warm up with hot chocolate.
  • Visit a museum exhibition or art gallery. Chat about the art over coffee after.
  • Cook a tasty dinner together – share the work and cost. Add flowers!
  • Go dancing and let loose to fun beats. You don’t need dates to get down.
  • Visit a trampoline park or play laser tag for active bonding.
  • Take a long scenic hike or nature walk. Pack a picnic lunch.
  • Go see a romantic movie or comedy show. Share laughs together.
  • Take a pottery or painting class. Get creative and make art gifts for each other.
  • Sign up for a fun new experience like archery, rock climbing, or escape rooms.
  • Treat yourselves to mani-pedis at a salon, followed by retail therapy.

Platonic Valentine’s Gifts

Keep gifts thoughtful but platonic. Ideas include:

  • Heartfelt card with a meaningful message
  • Friendship charm or piece of jewelry
  • Self-care items like bath bombs, candles, or cozy socks
  • Custom art or photo gift made for them
  • Tickets to a future fun experience
  • Favorite treats, snacks, candy, or baked goods
  • Sentimental mix CD or playlist of “our songs”

Solo Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

You definitely don’t need others to celebrate yourself on February 14th. Here are ideas for awesome solo Valentine’s dates:

  • Plan a spa day with a bath, face mask, pampering, and your favorite music.
  • Cook yourself a nice dinner, pop a bottle of bubbly, and have a dance party.
  • Dress up super cute and go take artsy photos of yourself around the city.
  • Curl up with a good book, your favorite snacks, and romantic movies.
  • Take yourself out – enjoy a nice restaurant meal, movie, or concert by yourself.
  • Write encouraging love letters to yourself in a journal or mirror with lipstick.
  • Make your own DIY bath bombs, sugar scrubs, or face masks for self-care.
  • Go on a long scenic drive, hike, or walk. Bring your journal or camera.
  • Hit up a local sex toy shop and treat yourself to new bedroom toys. Wink.
  • Book a night at a nice hotel. Take an indulgent bubble bath and order room service.
  • Sign up for a fun class like cooking, pottery, or mixology. Embrace your interests.

Show yourself all the love! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to invest in your well-being and celebrate you.

Hosting an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Is Valentine’s Day not your thing? Host an anti-Valentine’s Day party! This is a chance for single folks and cynics to gather and jokingly diss love.

Use lots of black and red decor. Offer mocktails with names like “Broken Heart” and “Bad Romance.” Here are more ideas:

  • Hand out cards with anti-Valentine’s Day messages.
  • Play angry breakup songs and sad love ballads on a playlist.
  • Give prizes for most disastrous date story or worst ex. Ouch!
  • Set up dartboards with images of exes – let guests vent and throw darts! (All in good fun.)
  • Screen anti-romantic comedies like He’s Just Not That Into You.
  • Serve black or broken heart-shaped foods, like charcoal cookies or cracked brownies.
  • Wear black and accessorize with devil horns, black veils, or witch hats.
  • Play anti-Valentine’s games like Pin the Heart on the Ex.
  • Make voodoo dolls or effigies of past partners. Don’t actually curse them – that’s bad karma!

While staying lighthearted, this can be a cathartic way for newly single folks or dating cynics to process breakups and woes. Laughter helps heal!

Platonic Valentine’s Day Cards & Gifts

Exchanging cards and gifts is a fun way to celebrate love with friends. But steer clear of traditional romantic Valentine vibes.

Here are ideas for platonic Valentine’s Day cards:

  • Choose funny cards with jokes about friendship or being single.
  • DIY cards with inside jokes and silly photos/memes.
  • Sweet cards with sincere messages praising their friendship.
  • Find cards with terms like “galentine” or “best bud” on them.
  • Give group cards signed by all their admiring friends.

And keep Valentine’s gifts platonic with these ideas:

  • Cozy self-care gifts like candles, bath bombs, face masks, or pampering sets.
  • Baked treats like their favorite cookies, cupcakes, or candy.
  • Fun mugs, t-shirts, or hats with silly best friend quotes.
  • Kitsch novelty gifts like keychains, shot glasses, sunglasses, or socks.
  • Sentimental custom gifts like photo books, playlists, or scrapbooks.
  • Shared experiences like concert tickets to enjoy together.
  • Tech gifts like Airpods, portable phone chargers, or fitness trackers.

Don’t stress about gifts – your shared quality time is the best gift of all. Just have fun exchanging small tokens of your appreciation.

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Friends

Instead of going out to a crowded restaurant on February 14th, stay in and host an amazing V-Day party for your entire friend crew!

Use lots of festive pink, white, red, and heart decorations. Serve fun cocktails and finger foods. Play love song playlists. Here are more ideas to host a lively, love-filled party:

Fun Party Activities

  • DIY flower crown or bouquet making station
  • Valentine’s movie trivia game
  • Love song karaoke competition
  • Speed friending mixer to meet new buds
  • Carnival games like ring toss with hearts
  • Blindfolded taste testing of pink or red foods
  • Friendship-themed arts and crafts or card making
  • Heart hunt – hide paper hearts around your space
  • Love advice station – guests give each other romance tips

Delicious Bites & Sips

  • Pink or red velvet cake pops and cupcakes
  • Heart-shaped cheese or fruit platters
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Pink lemonade or fruit punch
  • Aphrodisiac appetizers – like oysters, figs, or chocolate
  • Cocktails with cheeky names – Love Potion, Kiss Me, Be My Valentine

Bring all your besties together for a night filled with fun, laughter, and friendship! Celebrating love comes in all wonderful forms.

Valentine’s Day Outfits for a Friend Date

You don’t need to wear a fancy dress or heels for Valentine’s Day with friends. But you can still look cute and festive!

For girls’ nights out, wear something bold and bright:

  • Little red dress or skirt – a sexy classic!
  • Pink or white mini dress or romper
  • Red pants or skirt with a pink or white top
  • Printed shirt dress with hearts or lips
  • Pink or red blazer as a fun pop of color
  • White jumpsuit or lace dress paired with red lips and heels

For casual friend hangouts:

  • Jeans with a graphic heart tee or sweatshirt
  • Oversized pink crewneck sweater or pullover
  • Comfy joggers and red hoodie for a movie marathon
  • Leggings with a pink or white crop top
  • Casual red dress with white sneakers
  • Pink skinny jeans with red flats or chucks

Don’t forget festive accessories like headbands with hearts or lips, rose gold jewelry, and red or pink purses. Get playful with fun face glitter, temporary tattoos, or red lips.

Amp up your normal look with pops of Valentine’s hues – even platonically! It’s a cute excuse to wear extra color.

Gift Exchange Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange Ideas

Spice up your Valentine’s Day by adding a fun gift exchange! This is an easy way to swap small tokens of appreciation and celebration with your female crew.

Here are ideas for organizing a lively, loving gift swap:

  • Secret Galentine: Each person secretly draws another friend’s name and gives that pal a gift. Reveal your pairings throughout the party!
  • Wish list exchange: Have everyone share gift wish lists ahead of time, then buy gifts for your assigned person.
  • Price limit: Set a budget, like $10-20, so gifts stay small yet thoughtful.
  • Themed gifts: Give everyone creative guidance, like pampering presents, jewelry, baked goods, etc.
  • DIY gifts: Make your gifts for each other – like cards, candles, artwork, mixes, or other handmade treats.
  • Re-gifting: Dig up old unused gifts and re-gift to each other! Give new life to unworn jewelry, candles, etc.
  • White elephant: Funnily exchange random wrapped gifts picked from a common pile.

Keep the mood lighthearted, not stressful. Focus on the quality bonding time, not material goods, as the most important gift. Laughter and friendship is priceless.

In Summary

Valentine’s Day to friends doesn’t have to revolve around romantic love. It’s the perfect chance to celebrate friendship too! Show your crew how much their platonic love means to you.

Have an amazing Galentine’s Day ladies’ night, Bromance Day guy time, or one-on-one friend date doing activities you both enjoy. Embrace the festive spirit by planning your Christmas gift buying, and don’t forget to extend the joy by organizing an alternative celebration with friends: exchange thoughtful anti-Valentine gifts and cards, host a lively party with fun themes, and remember, however you choose to celebrate, make the day uniquely you – no partners required for a great time!”

Focus on making happy memories together. At the end of the day, your friendship is the most precious gift.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do you have to get gifts for Valentine’s Day?

A: Gifts are optional! The most important “gift” is the quality time you spend together. Small tokens like cards or treats are nice gestures, but don’t feel obligated.

Q: What are good bromance Valentine’s gift ideas?

A: Great bromance gift ideas include beer/whisky, sports tickets, gaming merch, tactical gear, grill tools, collector’s items, funny t-shirts, or any shared hobby interest.

Q: Is Valentine’s Day just for couples?

A: Not at all! Valentine’s Day is for appreciating all kinds of love. You can absolutely celebrate it with friends, family, pets, or solo!

Q: Do platonic Valentine’s gifts have to be romantic?

A: Platonic gifts should stay away from traditional romantic overtones, like roses, chocolate, or sensual gifts. Keep the gifts lighthearted, funny, or thoughtful.

Q: What do you write in Valentine’s cards for friends?

A: For platonic Valentine’s cards, write sincere messages expressing why you value their friendship. Share inside jokes, funny memories, or genuine compliments.

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