My phone was stolen how can I block it

The smartphone is now an object that has entered the everyday life of our lives. Given its versatility and its countless functions, we can use it in many areas and in many situations of our day. It stores various types of information and content of a private nature. So it is essential to avoid losing it to avoid compromising our privacy. In fact, the mobile phone can contain photos, images, documents, passwords, videos and sensitive information that it would be better not to disclose. There is a procedure that, in case of loss or theft allows us to protect our precious data. So let’s see my phone was stolen how can I block it if you have lost it or after a theft.

My phone was stolen how can I block it

my phone was stolen how can i block it

In the unfortunate event that your mobile phone is lost or stolen, the very first thing to do is to find the IMEI code of your device. The IMEI code uniquely identifies one device from the other, it can be easily retrieved in the phone packaging. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep the box after purchase. If the packaging is no longer available, the code can be found under the battery, by typing the code # 06 # on the phone, or by calling your operator’s assistance service and providing some data. Continue reading: The Most Popular Mobile Gaming Genres

If you have read correctly, you will surely understand that the last three methods to identify the code cannot be carried out if you do not have a mobile phone, so I advise you, for care, to write down the codes of your mobile phones to have them at hand in case of need.

The complaint

The next step to take, once you have obtained the IMEI code of our beloved device that we most possess, is to file a complaint with the Carabinieri or the State Police. Together with the personal data, it is also necessary to bring the IMEI, so that the police can identify with certainty the phone in case of discovery or recovery of the stolen goods. In theory, the complaint would be used above all to try to regain possession of our phone, but I want to be frank with you the finding of the phone is a more unique than a rare event, unfortunately, even if thanks to new technologies some smartphones can be traced by means of some applications that can be downloaded and/or already present in the device which is based on satellite positioning.

my phone was stolen how can i block it

The appliance lock

Once the report has been made to the police, we must ask our operator to block the device, to make it impossible for any thieves or anyone who enters it to take possession of the mobile phone and the card. The three possible options to choose from are to go to the telephone operator’s point of sale, send a fax or electronically fill in the appropriate form available on the telephone companies’ websites.

I personally recommend the first option, since you will simply have to hand over the IMEI code of the stolen mobile phone and your identity card to the clerk, who will immediately insert the stolen mobile phone on a blacklist.
Together with the request, the report made or a self-declaration of theft or loss must be presented.

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