How to Calculate Shower Valve Rough In Height

The shower valve rough in height is a measurement used to determine the size of the pipe and can be determined using a couple of different methods. For example, the rough in height of a 1″ meter-sized pipe should be around 25 inches in order to install an 8-inch shower head. In this blog post, you will learn how to calculate rough in height so that your project goes smoothly!

Why do I need a shower valve rough in height?

A rough in height is a dimension of a shower valve that is inserted into the pipe before the valve head. It is used to ensure that the shower valve seat is concentric with the pipe. If the rough in height is not accurate, water will flow out of the valve at an angle, causing leaks. Discover the hot ground reverse.

There are a few reasons you might need to measure your rough in height. If your shower system has been updated or renovated, you may need to verify that the rough in height matches the new installation. If you are replacing a shower valve, you may need to determine the rough in height so that the replacement valve seats properly in the pipe.

To calculate your rough in height, first measure the outside diameter of the pipe where your shower valve will be installed. This measurement is called the rough in width. Next, measure the inside diameter of your valve. This measurement is called the rough in depth. Add these two measurements together and divide by 2 (to get a rough in height). For example, if your rough in width is 12 inches and your rough in depth is 8 inches, your rough in height would be 16 inches.

How to calculate the rough in height

When installing a shower valve, the height of the rough in must be taken into account. This height is measured from the top of the valve body to the bottom of the shower head.

The rough in height is important because it affects how much water pressure is available to the shower head. The higher the rough in height, the more pressure is available. In some cases, a higher rough in height may be needed to support a heavier shower head. If there is not enough pressure available, water can flow back out of the showerhead and into the plumbing system.

To calculate the rough in height, start by measuring from the top of the valve body to the bottom of the shower head. Then multiply this measurement by 0.70 to get the rough in height in inches. Finally, divide this number by 2 to get therough in height in centimeters. Let’s learn how to remove shower handle.

Costs of installing a shower valve

A shower valve can be a relatively inexpensive addition to your home if you’re willing to do the installation yourself. However, the cost of installing a shower valve doesn’t stop there. You’ll also need to account for the rough-in height of the valve and the length of the pipe that it will be installed in. Here’s how to calculate both of these costs:

To calculate the rough-in height, measure from the floor to where you want the shower valve to be installed. This measurement will be called “rough-in height.”

To calculate the length of pipe required, multiply “rough-in height” by 2 inches. For example, if your rough-in height is 12 inches and you want the valve to be installed 2 feet below the floor, your pipe length would be 24 inches long.


In order to properly adjust your shower valve rough in height, you will need to measure the distance from the bottom of the valve to the water line. Next, you will need to multiply that distance by 1.25. This will give you the rough in height of your shower valve.

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