5 amazing techniques on How to make a dog poop quickly

Sometimes it can be a pretty moment for you if you have to hold still for a long time for letting your dog relieving itself. As a pet parent, definitely, it’s one of the responsible tasks of yours to go out with your pet for a morning or evening walk. It’s a pretty fun walk too. But if your dog takes much time for relief there you might feel anxious especially when you have an appointment or meeting. At that time, it becomes very necessary to know how to make your dog poop quickly.

When your canine is facing a constipation problem you should handle it with care so that you don’t cause any health issue to it. For solving this issue there are some tips to make your dog poop quickly without causing any health issues to it.

How to make a dog poop quickly

Monitor and upgrade the dietary method to make your dog poop quickly

If you want to make your dog poop quickly, you must bring a change in your dog’s dietary method. Constipation is considered one of the common digestive problems. So, you can increase the amount of fiber in your dog’s diet which improves the bowel’s regulatory movement and help your dog to poop easily. Besides, Mineral oil or Olive oil can work like magic for some dogs for constipation problems. Furthermore, you can add pumpkin or some dog food to mitigate issues. If this problem persists, you can consult a doctor.

Use wipes to make your dog poop quickly

You might be a little unconvinced but you have to go through this process. It might be a little sensitive issue, but you can’t expect to make your dog poop quickly without touching the lower portion. Using several wipes can instigate your canine’s bowel movement.

You have to wipe around your dog’s bum in a round position. You can use eco-friendly wipes and bio-degradable wipes for this method. Keep reading How to Get Rid of Skunks

The ice cube process

The ice cube process must require some patience but it’s directly an effective method to give your dog instant relief in most cases.


  • Ice Cubes
  • Disposable gloves


  • Bring in an ice cube from the freeze.
  • Put on gloves and place a piece of ice in your dog’s bum area.
  • Hold your dog in your arms and pat him to ensure him that it will be all fine. Nevertheless, it will try to back off.
  • For clearing it properly, lift your dog’s tail by your fingers and then clear its anus area.
  • You have to place the cube for at least half a minute.

Teach and reward your dog to poop on command

Your dog already knows the process of relieving, the thing you have to do is to modify its habit.

Firstly, identify its favorite toy. Keep it at your closer distance at the time of its poop.

Secondly, improve some expressions to communicate with your dog to command over which it understands. As an example, it can be Go poop, go potty, do your business, tinkle time, get busy, etc.

Thirdly, Allure it by showing its favorite toy and then command your dog to get its work done in its regular place.

Fourthly, reward your lovely dog for finishing it properly. It can encourage to poop in a proper and timely manner.

Water squirting method

Water squirting is a method that involves flowing fresh and clean cold water by using the water pressure from a water source in your pet’s butt area. It is considered by many dog owners to make your dog poop quickly. Your pet feels uncomfortable with it at the beginning but it will later be thankful to you when it gets instant relief.


  • Eco-friendly Gloves
  • A clean water source
  • A squirt bottle

After determining the area, you command him to poop and then place it in a good position to have it poop.

Secondly, Open the source of water and confirm if the water is cold enough.

Thirdly, regulate the pressure of water and regulate it to create a shock in your pet’s but.

Fourthly, Target your dog anus to flow water to avoid hurting it.

Repeat it several times until it starts pooping.

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