How to do a spoiler on discord easiest way on mobile apps

Discord is a VoIP communication app that allows users to easily send audio and video messages. Discord is an amazing social app for catching up with you is your friends or other communities of like-minded people. But, there might some messages which are not suitable for everyone or confidential. Spoiler on Discord helps the users to hide the message behind the spoiler overlay. Users who are comfortable with watching that message or video can click on the overlay to disclose the spoiler. So, now the question raises How to do a spoiler on discord? It is a very easy step to do a spoiler on discord. Here, you will get to know how to do spoiler in the easiest way on mobile apps for Android, iPhone, or iPad and on your pc with a tutorial.

Do you know Discord has the feature to identify your messages as spoilers?

Discord is a social communication app for sending Voice over internet protocol. For an instance, a sender can easily send text, video, audio to the receiver instantly. Once you mark the message as a spoiler to avoid seeing the message at the first glance you can mark that message as a spoiler. Immediately, your text will be enclosed with a solid block when you send the message. Then, the user needs to tap into that enclosed block for seeing the message or video inside.

There are mainly two ways for doing spoiler on discord. I will guide you step by step process for doing spoiler on discord.

To do a spoiler on discord, you need to use the spoiler you need to use two vertical bars “|” on the first and last position of the messages you want to hide. These two vertical pipes are used on either side of the hidden message. These bars are also known as ‘pipe’ or ‘vertical slash’.

In addition, you can also type “/spoiler” at the start of your message.

If you want to hide your image or file, you simply have to tick the ‘Mark as spoiler/ checkbox which will appear at the lower-left corner but careful! You have to tick it right before your sending the message.

 Step by step guide with illustration to do a spoiler on discord

  • To do a spoiler tag in a text message, type ‘/spoiler’ at the beginning of the message. Sending “/spoiler is decent manner” in discord will hide the message. When the recipients decide to view it, just simply clicking on it he can view it.
  • Another approach to doing it is to type two vertical bars or pipe before and end of the message. For an instance, “||spoiler is a gentle manner||”. It will also show the message as spoilers.
  • For images or files, you can easily apply Spoiler tags. But one thing to remember is that you have to do it before sending the file. But this feature is only applicable for windows or mac, you cannot use it in the mobile app.

To do this on the pc Discord website, firstly,  select the file from the “+” sign of your chat bar.

You will see a preview before sending the file or image.

Select the “Mark as spoiler” checkbox to hide the image or file. After that, you can click “upload”

After successfully sending it, the receiver from the other hand will see the image or file behind the spoiler overlay. For opening it the receiver has to view and inspect the file.

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