How to fix facebook ad manager won’t load?

Facebook ad manager is a tool from Facebook, with which you can manage your ads in a fast and easy way. But sometimes, the Facebook ad manager won’t load the page properly. And when you try to refresh it, it still shows nothing instead of loading.

A few days ago, I hit this problem while working on my Facebook fan page ad campaign. It wasn’t a hardcore chrome or facebook problem, but it still needed to be fixed. I tried few things and finally hit the solution which will fix this annoying problem for sure! So let’s know how? Also read: How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Instagram

Steps to fix Facebook ad manager won’t load

How to fix facebook ad manager won't load

1. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is update your chrome browser. So, on the top right corner of your chrome, click on 3 dots and select “About Google Chrome.”

2. A pop-up will open in which you need to click on the “update” button. This will automatically update your chrome browser and this is how you can solve the Facebook ad manager won’t load problem.

Solution 2:

1. On your Facebook Ad Manager page, go to: “Account” > “Account Settings” > “Server Settings.”

2. Here, select the specific server from the dropdown menu and save your changes.

3. Now check if it works or not! If you have any other issues related to Facebook, then you can also try the customer support number to get quick help.

3. Then, go to your Facebook Ad Manager page and refresh it.

4. Now, it should work fine for you!

Note: If the problem still persists, try using Google Chrome’s Incognito mode or Mozilla Firefox instead of using the older chrome version. Also, don’t forget to clear your browser history after that before hitting the ads campaign on Facebook again.

Reason of Facebook ad manager won’t load problem

There are multiple reasons that affect your internet connection which can lead to Facebook ad manager won’t load problem. For example, if any plugin or tool you have installed is corrupt, then it will affect the speed of your browser and therefore, the FB ad manager won’t work well even after refreshing the page again and again.

If you have a fast connection, then you can try updating your firewall software or antivirus program. Also, turn off the pop-up blocker while you are working on FB ad manager.

If none of these things work for you, don’t worry! Check out this article so that you will get a quick solution without any hassle at all.

Facebook Help Center

If none of these things work for you, then there is good news! Facebook has its help center in which they have answered almost every question. You can find many solutions to your problem over here:

For example, if you are facing a Facebook ad manager that won’t load problem, then go to their help center and search for the same keyword. You will find many articles about your problem!

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