8 anime like Dragon Ball

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“Dragon Ball”, the work born from the genius of Akira Toriyama, is one of the most famous entertainment products of all time. For decades, the story starring Son Goku has been, in one way or another. A source of inspiration for later productions. That is why today we have decided to draw up a list with up to eight anime similar to “Dragon Ball”.

While it is true that most of the names on this list of anime similar to “Dragon Ball” will sound – or should sound – too many, it is no less so that it never hurts to remember the greatest exponents of the popular ‘shounen’ :

Bleachanime like Dragon Ball

We begin this list of anime similar to “Dragon Ball” with ” Bleach “, the work of Tite Kubo that during the next 2021 will return to the load with more content. In this story, we find Ichigo Kurosaki as the protagonist, a teenager who since childhood has been able to perceive spirits from the other world. However, one day this situation gets worse and he ends up becoming a Shinigami, an entity that watches over the safety of the living and that works so that the dead can be purified in the society of souls. In “Bleach”, then, we will find a constant display of powers, transformations, and villains that will make the most fans of the genre vibrate.

Narutoanime like Dragon Ball

” Naruto ” is, along with the anime that we will discuss after this, the most popular among all anime similar to “Dragon Ball” that can be found. Masashi Kishimoto’s workplaces us before the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja from the Hidden Villa of the Leaf who is disowned by all those around him. Naruto has no parents either – they passed away with him at a very young age – and he will soon discover that the origin of all his misfortunes is due to a mystical beast sealed within him. In “Naruto” viewers will find a long journey of self-improvement and will with Naruto himself at the helm, scaling his skills as a ninja with a single goal: to get the title of ‘Hokage’ or leader of the village.

Today it is practically impossible to talk about anime similar to “Dragon Ball” without mentioning ” One Piece “. And for decades both works have been the references of Toei Animation. Eiichiro Oda introduces us here to Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who has a clear aspiration: to become the King of the Pirates. For this, he will have rubber powers granted by a ‘devil fruit’ as well as a crew composed of few members, but all of them of the highest caliber. “One Piece” is still active today, and with still several years of content ahead. Despite the ‘effort’ involved, catching up on Oda-san’s work is definitely worth it.

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Yu yu Hakushoanime like Dragon Ball

” Yu Yu Hakusho “, by Yoshihiro Togashi, is another great classic within the ‘category’ of anime similar to “Dragon Ball”. Yusuke Urameshi is the protagonist of this story, a teenager who had always been involved in all kinds of fights. However, one day he passes away and is resurrected as a ‘spiritual detective’, which will uncover all the combat capabilities he had hidden. In this way, Urameshi must face all kinds of enemies, from more users of spiritual techniques to even demons. Fortunately for him, he will have a teacher and a group of classmates who will accompany him on one of the most entertaining journeys in anime.

Hunter x hunteranime like Dragon Ball

From the same Yoshihiro Togashi we find “Hunter x Hunter”, an incomplete work – still in production but at a very slow pace – which is still highly recommended as one of the anime similar to “Dragon Ball”. The protagonist of “Hunter x Hunter” is Gon Freecss, a young teenager who is abandoned by his father at a very young age. A few years later Gon will discover that his father is one of the best hunters in the world, individuals who are licensed to ‘hunt’ all kinds of treasure, creatures, and more. Knowing this, Gon will decide to also face the challenge of becoming a hunter, although his adventure will not be as sweet as his ambition.

One punch man

“One Punch Man”, ONE’s work, is possibly the most peculiar in terms of anime similar to “Dragon Ball”. In this story, we find Saitama as the protagonist, a hero who from training so much … has gone bald. Although “One Punch Man” has a lot of comic flavors, not everything about Saitama will be a joke, as he is someone so powerful that it usually only requires a devastating punch to finish off any enemy – hence the name of the series. -. In this way, throughout ONE’s work. We will follow Saitama and his peculiar lifestyle as a hero as he tries to find someone who, really, represents a challenge for him.

Fairy tailanime like Dragon Ball

“Fairy Tail” is one of the most ‘modern’ exponents in terms of anime similar to “Dragon Ball”. Hiro Mashima’s work follows the adventures of Lucy, Natsu, and more characters involved in the ‘Fairy Tail’ guild, one of the many wizard guilds featured in the anime. In this way, the story unfolds continuously with the main group taking missions offered to ‘Fairy Tail’. In addition to conflicts with other wizard guilds. Likewise, each of the characters will follow certain aspirations of their own. Such as Natsu, who will try to find a dragon that raised him as his adoptive father.

Nanatsu no Taizaianime like Dragon Ball

“Nanatsu no Taizai” is our latest proposal in this list of anime similar to “Dragon Ball”. Also quite recent if we compare it with most of those mentioned. So in “Nanatsu no Taizai”, also known as “The Seven Deadly Sins”, we will meet Elizabeth, a princess who will try to find the Seven Deadly Sins in order to free the population from the oppression exerted by the holy knights. Although Elizabeth manages to quickly find Meliodas, leader of the order of sins – who has enormous power -, the rest of the journey will not be a piece of cake.

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